Project 4 BACK TO OVERVIEW ŽNJAN SPLIT BEACH ŽNJAN BEACH TODAY AND TOMORROW After leaseholders were selected following the tender for the temporary reconstruction of Žnjan Beach, this is what Žnjan looks like today:
- 8 bars and restaurants seating almost 2200 people
- Each bar and restaurant has an outdoor seating area which doesn't exceed its boundaries or takes up beach space or natural shade
- 2 locker modules in which visitors can leave their backpacks, handbags, mobile phones or carkeys and go for a swim without fear of theft
- 10 bathroom areas with 42 stalls
- 6 green areas that provide shade and improve the overall look of the complex
- A carpark removed from the beach with two main entrances and 1400 parking spots
- A walkway along the entire plateau for cyclists, pedestrians and joggers
ŽNJAN BEACH TODAY AND TOMORROW The bars and restaurants are composed of three identical modules; two for catering and one so called Locker as a storage room (12m2 each), as well as an outdoor seating area (either 288m2 or 384m2). ŽNJAN BEACH TODAY AND TOMORROW The final look of Žnjan Beach based on the URBANA ŠUMA project will be realised in 2020, and it will present Žnjan as a green oasis – a beachfront at least 30 metres wide, walkway, and promenade. There will be an abundance of greenery in which there will be an array of activities and facilities such as sports fields, running trail, skate park, amphitheatre and more. Bars and restaurants will be located 40m or so from the sea, and a large carpark and special sports centre is planned for the outer ring of Žnjan.


Žnjan beach facilities ground plan

  • Beach bars
  • Safety lockers
  • Toilets
  • Amusement parks
  • Cultural events, shop-sales, amusement and recreational area
  • Sales, marketing and commercial area
  • Photos
  • Market place
  • Aquapark

i many others.



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